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My name is William Harris and I am 28 years old from San Diego, California. I am originally from Carbondale, Illinois and I am a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana out of Evansville, Indiana. I received BA Degree in Public Relations and Advertising while being on a full-athletic scholarship for basketball. I left my university as the 5th all-time leader in scoring and 4th all-time leader in rebounding as well 1st all-time in free throws made. I hold the school record for having the best field goal percentage for a career in school history at 60 percent. I then went on to play basketball professionally in Greece, Australia and Asia for a few years before I decided to pursue a career in entertainment & motivational speaking. I have been fortunate enough to live around the world because of a little orange ball and I owe so much to the game of basketball, for it has provided my life with wonderful opportunities.

I feel that life has more to offer than sports and entertainment and that is why I feel it is my duty to speak to urban youth across America, most importantly the black community to help motivate our younger generation to be better than the last generation. Even though sports can be a tool to earn a free education, it is important that young minority kids understand there are scholarships for academics as well. It is vital for me to deliver a message that is relatable to these young kids and for them to look at me as an example of what they can become and not just another statistic or stereotype.

The message that I want to portray to young urban America is a simple one. One that is of passion, courage and pride. I come from humbling beginnings and know what it is like to have one parent in the household. I saw drugs, violence and abuse as a kid and it had a positive and negative effect on my life. With that being said, I allowed myself the luxury to not feel a guilt trip about life’s hard challenges and made something out myself, which is an upstanding adult who stays positive no matter what.

I had every reason in the world to be another black statistics. I was born to a 14 mother and father. My father was never present in my life and I witness all kinds of sadness as a child growing up. I could have followed my friends and family members down the wrong path of life and ended up dead or in jail, but I never chose to be a follower or let anyone pressure me into that lifestyle. So that is the message I want to convey to the youth in the urban communities, schools and college campuses. That they have a duty to our culture and history to make something out of themselves in a positive way and I believe I can help them get there by letting them hear my story and giving my personal and worldly advice. It is important for them to understand the man they see in the picture on top, is that same little kid below and I am far from perfect, but I have always been able to listen to the good advice of others.