As the new born morning flirts with my soul, I gaze out of my bedroom window staring at nothing, but thinking about everything. My thoughts are steadily on a drug addict like high without the use of any narcotics, but the pressures of the day still makes me want to sink back into the bed and curl up like a little child who still thinks the boogeyman exist. The possibility of tomorrow however lift my spirit and awakens my ego, so I still get up like a defeated boxer who has just lost his belt, just as my curtains are also defeated by the suns Mike Tyson like aura.

For years, I have been the villain of my life when it came to stability, responsibility and direction, but now I feel content like I am under a spell by goddess, who has imprisoned my heart. With no way to free myself from this self-guided purgatory, I allow my soul to surrender to this inescapable power that caresses my fears, befriends my dreams and makes love to my heart.

Everywhere around us is the beauty of Mother Nature and God’s wonderful artistry. The oceans, mountains, clouds and rain forests of the world are a small spec in comparison to God’s ultimate creation, which is the pure heart. The pure heart that “he who is the most high” created, blesses only a select few to be able to coddle a soul like a mother to her first born or a father to his first son.

You make me feel safe in a world that possesses the security codes to my worst fears and you make me feel wonderful in a time where I should feel saddened by the irresponsibility of our generation. You bring the possibility of change to my heart more than any president could and you continue to make good on your promise as quickly as a Las Vegas casino does by taking your pride and money.

The most beautiful things in life sometime come from life’s fertilizer and you have gladly taken my shit and painted a wonderful mosaic picture in my mind when it comes to my life, your heart and our future. Waiting to see you makes hours seem like years, minutes go by like months and seconds feel like weeks.

 In the blink of an eye, you could be gone, I could botch our future like a field goal holder during the super o or our love could just fade away from our hearts just as quickly as a tsunami washes away homes. For the first time in my life I am not afraid. I finally feel peace and the winds of doubt are silenced by the beauty in your eyes and assurance in your actions. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might just get what you need and in this case, I got both. You are what I have wanted ever since I knew what love was, a real life fantasy with no popcorn, candy or ending credits.

Be my Rose Dewitt Bukater and I will promise to be your Jack Dawson and protect your heart from drowning in pain.  I will never let go even if my physical body is taken from this earth. The valuable moments that we all have in life should be shared with someone special and fortunately I found a locksmith that made a key that can never be replaced and it belongs to you my love.

Never change who you are, because I finally found someone who motivates me to be better in a world that forces you to give up. The only thing I can promise you that is more valuable than money, material and other shallow things is the fact that I intend to suffer for your happiness and our future.

I am all yours!!!