Alexander the Moor

By Will Harris

Gifted with a rare ability to play the flute, Alexander, a Moor from Morocco became the finest musician the world had ever known up until his early death at the age of eighteen. It has been told that he was related to the beautiful Cleopatra VII. Rumor was that she had a long-lost sister that was cast out of Egypt for sleeping with her lover and was never heard from again. Alexander, an only child, was raised in morocco by his mother until he and his mother were sold off as slaves to people in the Roman Empire. Shortly after the move to Rome, his mother, who was as beautiful as her rumored sister committed suicide by stabbing herself when three roman soldiers attempted to rape her while she was retrieving water from a pond. At fourteen Alexander suddenly became an orphan.

The only memory of his mother, was a red flute that his mother made and gave to him when he was little boy. After her death, he promised to become the best flutist in the world and vowed to keep his mother’s memory alive through his music. Over the next couple years, he became exceptionally talented with his skills and earned superior respect amongst the people in the slave quarters of Rome being called the finest flutist they ever heard.

He was dubbed Alexander the moor after several roman guards heard him playing the flute while patrolling the slave quarters. The guards then went to tell of his magnificent talent to a general, who was a flutist himself. He was then summoned into the royal quarters as a guest. He was the first slave ever to be presented with such an honor. He spent the next few months teaching and entertaining royalty with his gifted ability.

At the age of seventeen while serving as a slave/teacher in the Roman Empire, Alexander was allowed to live inside royal quarters and receive special treatment for his abilities by Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus himself. The only request from the emperor was to never get involved romantically with anyone of royal decent. He agreed and began to live a life of royalty and was treated as equal by members of the upper class in Rome. He was allowed to teach in the slave quarters and return whenever he wanted. He served as honorary host to all weddings around the empire. He was truly living a life that was supposed to be his from the beginning, with him being related to Cleopatra. He was tall, well-built, charming and beautiful in every way and women in the royal quarters down to the slave quarters adored him for his talents and beauty.

On his eighteenth birthday, Caesar threw Alexander a birthday party and announced that he was to be treated as if he was his own son. When he was asked to speak on the honor that Augustus bestowed on him, he got teary eyed and said that all he cared for was to keep his mother’s memory alive with his music. He said that anyone who learns from him will keep his mother’s legacy alive long after he is gone. The crowd was in awe of such humble grace, a man who just a year earlier was a slave living in the worst quarters of Rome.

One day while teaching a group of kids, Alexander was requested to Augustus living quarters for a special message. Augustus told him that a royal family would be coming to the empire to stay for a while and they heard of his talents and wanted him to teach the princess. Augustus told him it was an honor to have such a request being so young and he suggested that he drop everything and do it. Alexander agreed and prepared himself for the chance to meet another royal family.

When the royal family arrived, he was summoned to their living quarters and he met Italiya, a beautiful seventeen year old princess, who was to be married soon to a thirty-four year old prince named Bractus. From the moment their eyes connected, Alexander and Italiya were in love. Whenever he looked at her, he saw a striking resemblance of his beautiful mother that he loved so dearly. Italiya, who was very superstitious, told him that he reminded her of a boy she sees in her dreams, a slave who is loved by all. Not knowing that he was really a slave, Alexander didn’t reveal his true identity out of fear of backlash from Augustus. He had been warned not to frolic with royalty and he had been obedient up until now, but his heart just knew what it wanted and he couldn’t control himself.

Over the course of the next few weeks, they shared romantic music lessons, walks around the empire and picnics near beautiful lakes. Alexander finally even showed her the slave quarters where he taught and lived just a year ago. They were uncontrollably in love and couldn’t resist each other. They were both young and foolish and love blinded them from the reality of what could happen if they ever were caught. She eventually snuck into his sleeping quarters late at night and they made love dozens of times.

One night while attempting to sneak away from her soon to be husband Bractus, Italiya woke up her fiancé when she was leaving to go see Alexander. He asked where she was going and she said for a walk. He didn’t think anything of it until hours passed without her returning and he worried of her whereabouts. Bractus then summoned his guards to go look for her and he awoke Augustus fearing she had been kidnapped. Out of respect for his guest, Augustus orders everyone in the royal quarters to wake. When no sight of Italiya and Alexander was revealed, the prince feared the worst and became enraged.

Not knowing that there was manhunt for their whereabouts, Alexander and Italiya had scurried off and made love near a river under a pale moonlight on the outskirts of Rome and fallen asleep naked by accident. They were soon discovered by Augustus guards and forced to returned to the royal quarters and confess. Once they confessed, Augustus had no choice but to punish Alexander by whatever request the prince demanded. Bractus out of jealous rage ordered his hands be cut off so he would never play his precious flute again or touch another man’s wife. Augustus had no choice but to oblige and sadly cut off the greatest musician to ever live hands. So enraged of the deceitful ways of his fiancé, the prince cut out the eyes of Italiya, so that she would never look at another man. Knowing that it was his fault that Italiya would never see again and knowing that he would never play music again, he felt there was no reason to live and ended his life the same way his precious mother did. He somehow stabbed himself in the stomach and bled to death.

The news spread around the empire quickly that Alexander died and it was one of the saddest days in Rome’s history. Alexander the moor, loved by all and respected by the great emperor Augustus himself was dead at the age of eighteen, because he loved someone who loved him back. Augustus himself cried for weeks after the ordeal and ordered the city of Rome to celebrate his life in a week-long festival. It was a sad and fitting end to a boy who died so beautiful, so young, so talented and so soon.