For all that is beautiful in the world, I remain miserable and alone here on this beach, staring at an ocean with no people. As the waves crash against the beautiful innocent sand, I can only hope to sit here in serenity with only sound of Mother Nature’s best creation keeping me company. Away from a world that spews out hatred by the second. Away from a world where love is only a word and where people separate themselves daily only to gain power. I remain oblivious to hates repulsive hand that slaps us across the face daily.

As I gaze into the sky, I witness birds flying across Mother Nature’s beautiful sky effortlessly without interruption or distraction wondering where they are going. To me, I lust to be one of those birds as I stare at them with an envious smirk. They are above the world’s petty ways and they wish not to be amongst it. That is why I am here alone on this beach, all by myself counting the days until my soul makes me feel like those birds and take me home. A home where love, is not a rare event. Where it is a vital part of existence and without it you’re not alive. I did not ask to be here, yet I feel so much pressure to belong and I wonder why.

Is it by fate that I was chosen to live a life empty on the inside, yet continuing to flash a fake smile to a world that hates me or is it luck that my soul stumbled upon human creation and decided to test human nature? Only a superior power has the answers to my eternal questions and it sucks that I have to wait until my number is called. It is without question that I end it prematurely, so I have to take what is dealt to me.

So all I have is myself, this beach and those birds to keep me company as I wait for my soul to get bored and finally go home. I watch days become nights, winter’s become spring and summer’s become fall. It’s an everyday cycle of loveless days for me and I feel stuck in a groundhog’s playground full of tears. Until then I must enjoy life alone here on this beach staring at an ocean with no people, no friends, no love and no happiness… Just waiting to go home.